E-cigs can trigger same lung changes seen in smokers, emphysema

Scientists found that the lungs of vapers — like the lungs of smokers — have elevated levels of protease enzymes, a condition known to cause emphysema in smokers. The researchers also found that the nicotine in vaping liquids is responsible for the increase in protease enzymes. Source

Low level exposure to air pollution is harmful, mouse model shows

Scientists investigating the effect of air pollution on lung health, in an animal model, have concluded that even low levels of exposure can have a detrimental effect on the lungs. They say the results have implications for government agencies responsible for urban planning. Source

Finger-prick blood test could safely reduce antibiotic use in patients with COPD

A simple finger-prick blood test could help prevent unnecessary prescribing of antibiotics for people with the lung condition chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), according to a new study. Source

Air pollution speeds up aging of the lungs and increases chronic lung disease risk

A study of more than 300,000 people has found that exposure to outdoor air pollution is linked to decreased lung function and an increased risk of developing COPD. Lung function normally declines as we age, but the new research suggests that air pollution may contribute to the ageing process and adds to the evidence that breathing in polluted air harms the lungs. Source

Good physical fitness in middle age linked to lower chronic lung disease risk

Good heart and lung (cardiorespiratory) fitness in middle age is associated with a lower long term risk of chronic lung disease (COPD), suggests new research. Source

Occupational hazards account for more than one in ten people with range of lung diseases

More than 1 in 10 people with a range of non-cancerous lung diseases may be sick as a result of inhaling vapors, gas, dust or fumes at work, according to a new statement. Source

People born very preterm or with very low birthweight have high risk of lung disease

A global study shows people born very preterm or with very low birthweight have a high risk of lung disease and are not reaching their full airway capacity by early adulthood. Source

Benralizumab not effective reducing exacerbations in moderate to very severe COPD

New research shows that the asthma drug benralizumab failed to decrease annual COPD exacerbation rates for patients with moderate to very severe COPD, a history of frequent moderate and/or severe exacerbations, and eosinophilic inflammation. Source

Non-invasive imaging technique valid for identifying small airway disease in lung

Landmark study confirms ability of non-invasive imaging technique to identify early signs of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Source

When mucus can be key to treating colon and airway diseases

Researchers have identified proteins that control mucous production and suggest clues to treating colon and airway diseases. Source