Type 2 diabetes and sleep problems in midlife women

Hormone changes are known to alter insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism, as well as interfere with women’s sleep patterns. But little was known about the association between diabetes and sleep disturbances during the menopause transition until now, as a new study concludes that women with diabetes are at greater risk for sleep disturbances. Source

Treat insomnia before sleep apnea

The ‘double whammy’ of co-occurring insomnia and obstructive sleep apnea is a complex problem best managed with non-drug targeted psych interventions, a new study has found. By following simple new guidelines, people with the concurrent conditions reported great improvement to both their sleep, and their health — with about 50% improvement in global insomnia severity and night-time insomnia after 6 months. Source

Common sleep myths compromise good sleep and health

People often say they can get by on five or fewer hours of sleep, that snoring is harmless, and that having a drink helps you to fall asleep. These are, in fact, among the most widely held myths about sleeping that not only shape poor habits, but may also pose a significant public health threat. Source